Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Anyone Out There???

I just wanted to let everyone out there know that I am still alive. If you read the post before this one you know that I have had a few things going on in my life lately. I went on the Alaskan cruise during the middle of August and on the morning after I returned, I received a call that my dad was being taken to the ER. He had a stroke. He is doing very well and actually went back to work the next week. The Lord has been very good to him and has blessed him (and me) by giving him more time with his family here on this Earth. Thank you Lord!!

Me and my husband purchased a travel trailer about 8 weeks ago so every available weekend lately has been spent in the woods. It has really cut done on my stamping time but I wouldn't trade the time I have spent with my husband and son for anything in the world. We are having a great time.

I have stamped a few things during the last 4-6 weeks but haven't taken time to post anything. For that I am sorry. I have had several people "unsubscribe" from my blog for not having current updates and for that I am sorry. Sometimes our free time gets taken up by things that are far more important than stamping. THANK YOU to the people that have continually checked my blog for current updates and to the people that have checked on me by email. Your kindness means a lot.

I will try to post some cards this week. Take care and have a great week.



stamp500 said...

Your work is well worth waiting for. Life is short: do what you want to; not what you feel you have to.

Donna Baker said...

I'm still here (you're in my Google Reader) kudos to you for taking time for your family, life is short & they come first. No need to apologize - this is your blog & you do with it what is right for YOU glad your dad is o.k.!! *smile*

Nancy Riley said...

Pam, thanks for checking in! So glad to hear you're OK and taking time for your family! Blessings and prayers for your DAD. You KNOW I'm always here when you have time to share your work!!!!

Kelli in Kentucky said...

Sounds like you are building great memories with your family and having lots of fun. I'm sorry to hear about your Dad but I am very glad he is doing good. Have a great week!!