Saturday, July 18, 2009

SU Only - AMYRS72

This is my submission for Amy Rysavy's sketch from yesterday AMYRS72. Did you notice where I used the new SU embossing folder Elegant Bouquet? I love it!! I think it added so much to the card. I used my freaky friend Mercy's stamp set Flower Fancy for the focal image and I used part of one of the sentiment stamps from the set Thoughts and Prayers for the sentiment panel. This is the new Cottage Wall designer paper. Don't you just love those bright colors? They are so me. LOL!!

Thanks for stopping by to visit today. I hope you are having a great weekend. It's perfect weather here in sunny GA today. Come back and see me and I'll talk to you soon.



Mercy said...

another marvelous creation, my friend! btw...who you callin' a freak?!? LOL!

i love those colors and that gorgeous embossing folder...amazing job!

the whimsical butterfly said... guys really do love each other! LOL!!!

This is beautiful, Pam!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Loverly!!!! What a great card!!

Ramona Michaluk said...

Stunning card Pam - love those colours together and the embossing and background papers co-ordinate perfectly with your coloured image.

Love it!

Nancy Riley said...


Ruthie said...

AWHHHHH! the colors are so gorgeous! Beautiful card!

Debbie said...

Sooooo Gorgeous.

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